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Bill Burr OBLIDERATES Bully in Psychological Battle 😲- Body Language Drama



Bill Burr OBLIDERATES Bully in Psychological Battle 😲- Body Language Drama


Bill Burr completely DISMANTLES Tony Hinchcliffe when he won’t leave the vulnerable stand up comedian alone. Dom Irrera shows great emotional intelligence to step in and help his friend Tony when Tony can’t help himself.Bill Burr Takes on an ENTIRE PANEL of judges in a gruesome psychological battle and what makes this clip so interesting is the fact that he does it all while defending a hopeless standup comic who just bombed in front of EVERYONE.
To provide some context, The judge panel is filled with 5 comedians. Bill Burr is on the left, Andrew Themeles is next to him, Dom Irrera is in the middle, Tony hinchliffe is to his left and Brian Redban is on the end. A third party standup comic comes up and tries to be funny with ONLY 1 minute and the judge panel has to critique them. The most gut wrenchingbattle is between Bill Burr and Tony Hinchcliffe, Bill also has some very illustrious interactions with the third party stand up comedians.

:09 Right off the bat you can tell by how bill purses his lips he is not liking the current situation that he is in. We don’t know why YET but we are about to soon find out. The lips are often pursed to contain and stifle emotion or signal deep concentration and internal turmoil
When the song comes on. Bill becomes noticeably distressed and almost angry. He is confused as too why the song ends on such a bad note and he cant say anything about it yet so some tension begins to build to bills side. Bill is angry about this because the music is foreshadowing that the stand up comedian is going to do poorly.
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1:08 You’ll notice here after the stand up comedian asks how much time he has left, he grabs the mic stand and practically LOOSES his balance and really fast getures his hand, he is very nervous and he is beginning to think that the audience can tell.What he is doing here is quite literally trying to hide behind the microphone. Albeit not a good one,He is attempting to manufacture a literal barrier between him and the audience.By doing this he is instinctively trying to protect himself from being completely exposed. You can here it in his vocal tonality and his hand gestures that he is essentially saying, “ I don’t have anything left, I want to get off this stage as fast as possible”. When he does this, he is laying all of his cards on the table and surrendering to the judges, making himself extremely vulnerable. He has the appearance of a wounded gazelle.
Bill purses his lips EVEN MORE and we now see that his distressed has DOUBLED, He was originally distressed by the uncalled-for ominous music but more importantly, The way Tony Hinchcliffe is making an attempt to absolutely DESTROY the stand-up comedian after the comedian has surrendered. It becomes almost sad to watch, luckily, the next, “insulting” sound effect sends bill over the edge and he sees his chance to finally have a confrontation and speak his mind, and stand up for this WOUNDED GAZELLE. Dom Irerra touches his lip immediately afer,*find definition*. Tony and Redban share a glance as if to tell eachother. We can tell from the judges reactions to bills statement that tensions are beginning to RISE
Bill is surprised when the comedian denies help from bill. You can tell this by how he very quickly grabs onto his legs and his arm, completely closing himself off to protect himself in an attempt to pacify himself after being rejected when he was just trying to help. Bill was trying to be a good person and stand up for him. Bill then makes his intentions known and says “I tried”. He is taken back that this wounded gazelle just denied his help.

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