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Matt Abé – Attention To Detail: How To Operate Like A Head Chef | Paul Mort Talks Sh*t #42

by tabloidbuzz

In this episode, join Paul Mort and Head Chef at Restaurant Gordan Ramsey, Chef Matt Abé. Matt has climbed the ranks of the kitchen from a young, hungry chef in Australia to running one of Londons most sought after fine dining spots…

Here’s what we covered;

– What it’s like being head chef serving 700+ dishes per day
– Where Matt found his passion for food
– How attention to details has separated Matt from the rest
– Dealing with high-level stress day in, day out
– The importance of keeping health in-check to reach peak performance

And much more…

Who the f*ck Is Paul Mort?

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I consider myself a straight talking, high performing leader of Business men. Formerly suicidal, experiencing overwhelm on a daily basis and emotionally attached to my diagnosis – Bi-Polar. I stood on the edge of a cliff in my hometown of South Shields, ready to end it all Lesley (my wife) stood infant of me and asked ONE pivotal question…

“Do you really want the kids to grow up as the kids whose Dad killed himself?”

This one question changed EVERYTHING for me, it almost instantly shifted this foggy lens of perspective I’d been viewing life through and ignited a want to change, forcing me to seek out the worlds foremost experts. Since that moment back in 2015 – My books, courses, videos and content has reached the lives of millions of people… I now spend my time leading and coaching men around the world RECLAIM their power, take control, find clarity, direction and inner peace whilst lighting a FIRE under they ass to CHASE their dream and lead their families.

Watch the CLIFF story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B3_p

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