Congrats to Barstool Chief and Ozzie Guillén on the Engagement – Full Episode

Congrats to Barstool Chief and Ozzie Guillén on the Engagement – Full Episode

– Remembering Bob Saget, a true legend and TV’s greatest dad
– how many daily notifications do you get?, honking is dead, Zack is dressed poorly again today, KFC wants to become a silver fox
– KFC and Feits get in a Huge debate over Polar Bears vs Sharks
– Julia Fox writes a blog about her date with Kanye
– John’s Notebook
– Jacqed Up Week 18 NFL Recap
– Chief and Ozzie Guillén takes the most hilarious photo together
– Cheif comes on to explain the photo
– Top 5 Dads
– Voicemails

Reporter falling clip:

0:00 – Remembering Bob Saget
18:47 – daily notifications / honking is dead / Zack’s style sucks / KFC is going gray
35:50 – Sharks vs Polar Bears
49:20 – Julia Fox and Kanye
59:14 – John’s Notebook
1:37:29 – Jacqed Up Week 18
02:01:10 – Chief and Ozzie Guillén are engaged
02:10:32 – Chief joins the show to explain
02:21:04 – Top 5 Dads
02:36:46 – Voicemails
02:59:55 – Jim Belushi Interview


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