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1 00:00:00 Aloha Fluffy 2013
2 01:33:23 I’m Not Fat… 2009
3 02:42:20 I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy 2007
4 03:42:32 End

0:01 intro
1:49 Aloha
2:00 says a thank you
2:15 asking a question
2:30 sets a goal
2:45 teaching how to pronounce Hawaii and Mexico
3:15 talking about the luau
3:30 making fun of the guy at the luau
3:50 telling a story
6:30 story #2
7:20 Hawaiian time joke (my favorite one)
8:16 making fun of passenger
8:40 something about the best luau ever
9:15 talking about shoots
9:30 talking about O’Delle I think that’s how you spell it
9:43 asking what shoots means
10:00 Roger that?
10:25 confused on what the difference is between Roger that and shoots
10:33 the difference between shoots and Roger that
11:00 telling something
11:20 telling how to say white people in Hawaiian
12:00 how many countries he went to in 2 months
12:18 how the show would end
12:35 telling story
13:00 little whore
14:00 how 🇸🇬Singapore🇸🇬 greets you
14:20 how you die in 🇸🇬Singapore🇸🇬
14:50 🇸🇬Singapore🇸🇬 to 🇬🇧London🇬🇧
15:00 what he doesn’t like about 🇬🇧London🇬🇧
15:30 has got to be the first time I had ever heard a grown man scream
15:30 the difference of if you get hit by a bus in Hawaii and in London or Singapore
16:15 the news station
17:00 some new places he going to preform at
17:40 Indian people in America are the most hard working more hard working the Mexicans in America
18:00 Indians robbing a bank
19:38 girl making fun of you (☞͡͡°͜ʖ͡͡°)☞ guessed it Martin
19:55 step step son😳😳
20:10 this ain’t no car morgage this is your son
20:30 faze my a–
20:50 umm don’t make that sound again
21:38 “n-n-n-n-no-no-no don’t clap ”
22:08 class common sense pa lease
22:28 class will be like
23:05 fluffy smell like ass
23:30 i-uhh-idk what to say….
23:44 “it tastes 😋😋delicious😋😋 ”
25:03 well shi– that’s embarrassing
26:35 I can’t even imagine what went down
27:37 uhhhhhhh cool 😅😅😅😅I feel bad for him
27:45 bruh is afraid of TMZ
27:57 so relatable that would happen
30:10 “I don’t wanna meet him now” “laughs like devil”
30:41 ahh mom not the chonlka
32:08 yeah ima use this for my kids
33:35 thanks ima do that for when my son calls me a little slut or a whore
34:41 I would feel the same
35:13 does he stink that bad
35:26 the faster way
35:47 demonstrateing
36:40 story time
38:30 I got no words
41:05 “yeah she’s a bitch”
43:40 real Mexican mom

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