Jackass | The Dark Side of Fame | Tragic Life Behind The Scenes

Jackass | The Dark Side of Fame | Tragic Life Behind The Scenes
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When the TV series “Jackass” debuted on MTV, no one had ever seen anything else quite like it. Here was a group of friends and quasi-stuntmen who seemed willing to do anything for a laugh. It was crude, it was juvenile, and it was also insanely popular. This collection of characters like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, and Chris Raab, made it clear that there was no danger off-limits. But just as immediate as the cultural impact was the controversy the show would create, because on the DARK SIDE OF FAME is a different story altogether. Once the cameras stopped rolling, several of the show’s stars were left forever changed, whether it was permanent injuries, drug addictions, suicidal thoughts and more. “Jackass” left a trail of bodies and destruction in its wake.

Ryan Dunn | Gone But Not Forgotten: https://youtu.be/h5XpTJSiSps

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0:00 Intro
2:16 How Johnny Knoxville Started Jackass?
3:36 First Controversies
4:55 Serious Injuries & Addictions
5:26 Chris Raab Problems in Life
6:41 Bam Margera Depression, Addictions & Depression
8:20 Ryan Dunn’s Tragedy
9:19 Steve-O’s Insane Addictions & Behaviour
11:22 Johnny Knoxville Body Damage & Arrest
12:35 Fate of Jackass 4

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