Bert Kreischer LIVE “EPIC Shoey Scull” Australian Tv Interview 12-9-2017

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up Comedian and well known Podcaster with a show called “BertCast” and a regular on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Youtube as well as Joey “CoCo” Diaz “The Church of What’s Happening Now” podcast also on Youtube which is where I personally first saw Bert and have been a big Bert fan ever since!
Bert’s attempt at a “shoey”, first popularized by the Australian F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo may need a little practice though as you’ll see but it was a great first effort especially with the microphone around his neck getting drilled with ale being an added bonus!
If you’ve never seen Bert before on his podcast I would highly recommend it, just go to and have some gut-busting laughs.
Bert’s Youtube channel is “tremendous” as Joey “CoCo” Diaz might say, and with over 100,000 subscribers he’s right as Uncle Joey always is so check it out here
or on Twitter at @bertkreischer or
Instagram at
Lets all hope Bert has a “tremendous” time while here in Australia with his family and that his stand-up sets sell-out as I’m sure they will, and that he comes back soon!

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