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    Todd Kohlhepp case: Video shows rescue of rape victim “chained like a dog”

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — After hearing a woman’s screams inside a large metal container, investigators sawed and pried open the bin, rescuing the woman who had been chained inside for about two months by a serial killer, according to new videos released by prosecutors. In the rescue video, once the container was opened after the 10-minute operation, […] More

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    Drunk Man Passes Out In Taxi, Wakes Up To Police Selfies From His Bedroom

    Police took selfie with drunk guy so he could find out how he got home A drunken night with cops gone right. Most drunken encounters with police are downright regrettable, but occasionally we come across one that is more epic than embarrassing. This weekend, Reece Park from Tasmania, Australia, woke up to find several “banger selfies” of […] More

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    Man on viral video being deported, cop who questioned his immigration status fired

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say Ariel Vences-Lopez was detained for immigration violations on May 15. The day before, Vences-Lopez was captured on cellphone video being questioned by a transit officer aboard a light rail train. The officer asks Vences-Lopez if he is in the country illegally. The man who shot the video, Minneapolis […] More

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    Drake’s Fashion Instagram, And The Celebrity Locked Out Of His Party

    Drake has been making headlines lately, mainly because of his musical success. Presently boasting a net worth of about $90 million, he is a reportedly only $20 million behind Birdman, his boss at Cash Money Records. That said, the Toronto rapper has been flaunting high end sneakers on his social media accounts, expressing his liking […] More

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    One celebrity tweet brings everyone back to REALITY after Planned Parenthood’s weird Mother’s Day message

    Mother’s Day should be a day devoid of politics. For most normal Americans that tends to be the case. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards doesn’t exactly fit that bill. She ironically decided Mother’s Day would be the perfect day to boast the virtues of the abortion mill. Nothing says “I love you, Mom!” like standing up […] More

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    Out-of-control horse collides into taxi in New York City

    NEW YORK — An out-of-control horse caused chaos in Midtown Monday morning, and the incident raised questions about whether the animals should be put to work at all. CBS New York reports the incident that was caught on surveillance video around 10 a.m. Monday was unusual. Two men were seen riding horses up Eighth Avenue […] More

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    [Video] : Spirit Airlines Royal Rumble At Fort Lauderdale Airport

    Cellphone footage has emerged showing passengers engaged in a wild brawl with police officers and Spirit Airlines employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on Monday, May 7. Chaos erupted at the airport following multiple cancellations of Spirit Airlines flights that left hundreds of travelers stranded. The footage shows officers struggling to enforce order […] More

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    Beer Brands That Make The Hollywood Cut

    “Are you drunk?” asks James T. Kirk in a scene from the 2013 film Star Trek: Into Darkness. Kirk is on the phone with his trusty engineer Scotty, attempting to ask him about a series of mysterious coordinates. The scene switches over to the loud bar in which Scotty is sitting. Next to him is a […] More

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    Celebrity deaths 2017 – from Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Graham Taylor to Charlie Murphy and Clay Adler, the stars who’ve died this year’

    LAST year we were tragically rocked by a series of shocking celebrity deaths. Legendary American comic Don Rickles died of kidney failure aged 90 on April 6 The legacies of famous faces who pass away live on through music, films and performances ensuring that while they may be gone, they will never be forgotten. Ranging […] More

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    Katy Perry makes Obama joke, angers fans — #1 snake stan (@slitherswift) April 30, 2017 — Life & Times Of Ant (@OhMyGoooch) April 30, 2017 — Aaron Busby (@MrBusby4o8) April 30, 2017 Katy Perry joke was just very tasteless. What does black hair have to do with Barack Obama……………..just bad. — Nia (@faggerella) April 30, 2017 Now Perry is catching even […] More

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    6 weird (but totally natural) things that happen to your body after you die

    — Spooky Stuff Shutterstock Death itself is full of life. Moments after a heart stops beating, the body begins triggering complex systems of biotic breakdowns. This prepares the lifeless body for a sort of reincarnation, and by means of decomposing, it becomes organic matter that can easily transfer itself back into the earth. Pretty cool, […] More

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