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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their kids Saint and North West

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West seem to have baby fever once again! After swearing she didn’t want more kids after giving birth to Saint, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned Kim’s changed her tune! The catch? There’s ‘no way’ she wants to carry again!

Looks like the Kardashian-West family is going to grow! Kim Kardashian, 36, may have been adamant about not wanting to give birth again after her and her husband Kanye West‘s, 40, baby son Saint West, 1, was born, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t open to someone ELSE having her baby! And while surrogacy has been an on-going theme on Keeping Up With The Kardashians lately, it may finally become a reality for Kim and her family. After all, she’s apparently more set than ever before on expanding the clan.

“Kim and Kanye definitely want to have more kids, but there’s no way Kim can go through another difficult pregnancy and birth again,” a Kardashian insider revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “In fact, at this stage, she’s pretty sure she couldn’t get pregnant again naturally, even if she tried. So, they are considering adoption, but they’re also looking seriously into using a surrogate, as they would love all of their children to have their genes.” Just last month, Kim confessed on Watch What Happens Live that she’s been “begging” her younger sister , 32, to be her surrogate! After all, doctors have specifically told the reality star that carrying her own child again could possibly be “deadly” for her, which is why she thought she couldn’t have any more children period. In addition to Saint, Kimye also have daughter North West, 4.

“Kim was adamant that she didn’t want any more kids after Saint’s difficult birth, but she admits that the Paris ordeal has really changed her outlook on life and priorities,” our source explained, referring to when Kim was robbed at gunpoint while visiting Paris back in October. “It’s basically why she’s dressing a LOT more low-key than she used to, and is very careful about wearing too much flashy jewelry when she’s out and about. She’s really simplified her life, and is even more focused on being a wife and mother now, and views her multiple business ventures as a lower priority.”

Now seems like a particularly good time to grow the family considering Kim and Kanye’s relationship is going strong — for the first time in a while. “Kim and Kanye have really gotten to a much better place together, and they seem to have managed to get through the issues they were having earlier in the year,” our insider added. “Kanye makes Kim feel safe and protected, and she knows he would do anything for her. Family is everything to Kim, it’s her everything, and she appreciates it now, more than ever.”

Tell us, HollywoodLifers— do you think Kim and Kanye will actually hire a surrogate? How do you feel about them possibly expanding their family?

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