Anderson Silva’s Strange UFC Rant and Retirement Threat

Matthew Childs / Reuters

The state of Anderson Silva’s fighting career just took a left turn.

A week after threatening to end his illustrious run in the UFC if the promotion didn’t book him in an interim middleweight title bout, “The Spider” posted a downright bizarre video on Instagram with a cryptic caption in which he appeared to stand his ground without explicitly stating his days as a fighter are over:

To say yes when you want to say no is to give more value to others than to ourselves, it is not to put your value in the right place, it is to impose no limits, and that is not to respect yourself .. It is the same as saying that what we feel Is not worth anything, that others can pass over you at will. And they pass, if you permit it, they will pass without mercy, forgetting all that you have conquered through honor and dedication. If we allow it will destroy our values. This is the way to say no. When I do not want something, I simply say no. With no anger or emotion. It is not just a negative. It’s our limit. A right that we have to decide what we want or do not do. It is a way to make people respect our value, this is the name of dignity. When we put ourselves sincerely, saying what we feel, we are respected. People like it or not. So if you know your worth, do not let anything destroy it nothing and no one. If you take a $100 and knead it, step on it, throw it on the floor and then dismantle, pick it up, ask someone how much it’s worth, smart people will respond that the note is worth $ 100, so no matter how much they step on you, How much they will knead you, your worth no one can change. . Thank you, my people. Kiss in the heart 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 . Anterior em português.

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In the post’s lengthy caption, Silva appears to liken his plight to that of a mangled $100 bill – a fitting allegory if his gripes are indeed justified, although viewers would be better off ignoring the video portion, which inexplicably features a Portuguese voice-over accompanying shots of actors Christian Bale and Jon Hamm.

Silva aired his longstanding grievances with the UFC last week on “The MMA Hour,” lamenting the state of the middleweight division and the promotion’s reluctance to book him in an interim championship bout opposite Yoel Romero.

The former champ was scheduled to face Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 212 in his native Brazil next month, only for Gastelum to be pulled due to a violation of the USADA’s anti-doping policy. Silva later announced he wouldn’t be gracing the card after a weeks-long search for a replacement proved fruitless, much to his chagrin.

Silva is one of many middleweight fixtures to have taken the UFC to task of late, with former champ Luke Rockhold marking the latest dissenter.

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