Katie Price relaxes on a beach in Miami as she reveals she’s working on an ‘exciting’ new venture


KATIE Price looks fit for a cameo in Baywatch as she tops up her tan on the beach in Miami ahead of her “exciting” mystery project.

The bronzed glamour model, 38, wore a zip-up neon blue and green bikini bright enough to spot from miles away, while a team of assistants and photographers fussed around her.

Katie stares into the distance mysteriously

The Brit was showing off a striking silver blonde wig specifically chosen for the shoot, too, which matched her reflective sunglasses.

Jordan’s alter-ego gets her sound device adjusted by an assistant
The model stretches out on her lounger

Snappers also caught a rare glimpse of Katie’s many tattoos, mainly inked on her legs.

The telly star holds her wig in place

The mum-of-five was accompanied by a film crew, which may be linked to her “exciting” project.

Katie sits up and peers around with her sunnies off

She teased her fans about what’s going on today, writing on Instagram: “Loving my MISS MIAMI wig ❤️ @carlbembridgehair for my Shoot day today wooooo can’t wait to reveal all 😘.”

Brighton girl Katie’s bikini was very striking

Whatever she’s doing in her professional life is bound to be just as dramatic as her personal life.

Katie strips off for some sunbathing
The star showed off her incredible figure on the beach
She fixes her hair as she picks up rays on the beach
A film crew was in attendance too
Katie flashes her bright white grin for snappers
The model fidgets on her towel
The usual Katie eyebrows were in place
The southerner chats to one of her crew
Jordan’s alter-ego covers up in a white dress

Those keen to know what Jordan’s got up her sleeve will have to wait and see what this posing in Miami is all about, though the secret’s bound to be out soon.

By Olivia Waring, Showbiz Reporter