Katy Perry makes Obama joke, angers fans


— #1 snake stan (@slitherswift) April 30, 2017

— Life & Times Of Ant (@OhMyGoooch) April 30, 2017

— Aaron Busby (@MrBusby4o8) April 30, 2017

Katy Perry joke was just very tasteless. What does black hair have to do with Barack Obama……………..just bad.

— Nia (@faggerella) April 30, 2017

Now Perry is catching even more heat after producer Mano claimed the singer has called him “n***a.” In fact, Mano tweeted about it in 2013, 2015 and on Sunday. 

He wrote in 2013, “I wish y’all coulda been there when @katyPerry referred 2 me as a ‘n***a’ ironically in Paris. y’all know she says it regularly right.” 

In 2015, he wrote, “@katyperry is comfortable with calling me her #n***a. oddly i wasn’t.”

When people accused him of lying, he tweeted a throwback photo of himself with her.

— 20/3 CrashOvrrd MANO (@CallMeMano) May 1, 2017

Perry has yet to respond to either controversy. 

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