6 weird (but totally natural) things that happen to your body after you die

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Death itself is full of life. Moments after a heart stops beating, the body begins triggering complex systems of biotic breakdowns. This prepares the lifeless body for a sort of reincarnation, and by means of decomposing, it becomes organic matter that can easily transfer itself back into the earth. Pretty cool, right? If this sounds interesting (come on, it totally is), read on for the full facts. 

The big chill

Algor mortis is a term that refers to the body temperature of a corpse experiencing a deep chill and dropping to match the temperature of its surrounding environment. The loss of the temperature is usually 1.5 – 2 degrees every hour that the person has passed. So when you die, your body gets colder to the touch by the minute. Freaky.

 The big stiff, too

When rigor mortis sets in, the blood that once flowed warm and free through the body begins to chill. It coagulates and stops muscles from being able to contract and relax. Every muscle in the body, from the ones in your eyelids to the ones in your limbs, become inflexible, and the joints become locked in place. You essentially turn into a stiff board that can’t be bent in any way.

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