The Lawyer For Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Prison Lover Held A VERY INTERESTING Press Conference

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Army said that Kennedy believes one of the three letters Hernandez wrote prior to his suicide was intended for him.

Copies of the letters and notes left behind by Hernandez just before his death were ordered to be turned over to Hernandez’s family just an hour before he was buried in a private ceremony in Connecticut Monday.

Army said parts of one of those letters were “incoherent” because they might have been written in prison code intended for Kennedy to understand.

“I was told by a source that the letter and parts of the letter didn’t make a lot of sense,” he said. “When I explained that to my client, he said there’s a language that’s spoken and in written form in a prison that is made that way so that it appears incoherent and so that others don’t understand what the meaning is.”

Army stated that they he has requested a copy of the letter, but has not received it yet. He also said that Hernandez had written letters in the past to Kennedy’s father as well as his siblings.

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