Obama Sells Out, Gives Speech to Wall Street for $400,000


Wall Street

Barack Obama has accepted a $400,000 speaking fee for a Wall Street conference that will be hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald LP, according to a report by Fox Business.

This is almost twice as much as the speaking fees Hillary Clinton charged for three speeches to Goldman Sachs after she left the State Department. She later came under immense criticism during her campaign for receiving so much money to speak to Wall Street firms.

“Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee will undermine everything he believes in,” wrote Vox’s Matthew Yglesias this week. “To fight the rising tide of populism, mainstream leaders need to raise their ethical game,” he argued.

reel big fish

Actually, wait. This one is better…


Look, I believe it was Kierkegaard, or maybe it was Curtis Jackson, who taught us “Let them hate and watch the money pile up.” As an unapologetic capitalist, I’m a firm believer in people getting paid every penny someone is willing to pay them. So let it be clear I’m not shaming Obama because he’s raking in piles of the greenbacks. If someone is willing to fan out $400k for a speech, on or off TelePrompter, bazinga. I’d take it. You’d take it. So Obama should take it. Props to you, President of the Ums, Uhs and CA-CHING.

But I’m also a firm believer in pointing out leftist hypocrisy, regardless of the issue. Let’s not pretend Mr. Money Mom Jeans wasn’t lambasting the rich for the past 8 years with such renditions as “you didn’t build that” and “paying their fair share.” So now that Obama is taking $400k from Wall Street builders and fair-share payers, it’s totes fair to call him a complete SELL OUT. Yes, in all caps.

Hence his disciples of the capitalist-hating variety are scratching their hard to reach places, mainly their heads, at Obama taking a large payout to mumble some words to the people he claimed to rally against.

LOL at anyone who thought Obama was different. Turns out, like the rest of us, he’s but a human who enjoys the mullah, and may cash this speech check into coins, then swim in it ala Scrooge McDuck.

How’s that socialist agenda now, Democrats?